Emergency medical services are being provided to patients coming from all over india for the
past 50 years in Vijaya Group of Hospitals.

  • Emergency Department is based on a well-tested model of emergency care.
  • The state of art emergency department is equipped with 26 beds.
  • It registers around 20000 visits every year.
  • Emergency care does not require admission.
  • Each patient is triaged and treated according to international standards.
  • Our emergency department functions 24*7 with well trained and skilled emergency health care personnel.
  • About 40% of all the hospital admissions come through emergency department.
  • Our Ambulance services operate round the clock to provide care for patients while transferring from the community and to our hospital . They are equipped with state of art facilities and can handle all emergencies.
  • Well trained paramedics resuscitate patients and save lives even before
    arriving to the hospital.



Our Facility

Spectrum of life threatening and non life threatening emergencies ranging from

  • 24*7 advanced laboratory and imaging services
  • Emergency Hemo-dialysis
  • Minor procedure room
  • Point of care investigations - ECG, portable X ray machine, Point of care ultrasound, ABG machine
  • “On call” access to a full range of medical, surgical, paediatric and other specialists
  • Ambulatory day care facility

Our Services

  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Trauma & Fractures
  • Lung Illness
  • Abdomen Pain
  • Poisoning
  • Snake Bite
  • Burns
  • All other medical and surgical emergencies
  • 24x7 Ambulance service



Dr. Girish Devanandan

Emergency Physician

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