We at Vijaya Medical & Educational Trust, believe that the health of a community begins with healthy families and a healthy family begins with a healthy individual. The first step towards improving one’s health lies in early detection and prevention. To help you and your family take a responsible step towards good health, Vijaya Hospital offers an array of comprehensive health checks.

The various health checks offered at Vijaya Hospital are:


  • Silver Check
  • Balance Disorders
  • Gold Check
  • Pearl Check
  • Platinum Check
  • Post Covid Check
  • Whole Body Check
  • Pre-Employment Check
  • Pulmonary Check (Without Sleep Study)

The results are reported on the same day followed by Doctor’s advice.

Health Check Guidelines

  1. Please fast for 12 hours prior to giving your first blood sample
  2. No medications and fluids other than water should be taken in the morning
  3. Do not exercise in the morning before coming for the health check
  4. If you have any existing medical conditions, please bring your reports with you
  5. If you are a known diabetic, diabetic medication can be taken after giving the fasting blood sample
  6. You are not advised to undergo a health check during your menstrual period
  7. If pregnant or if pregnancy is suspected, please do not get any radiation based investigation
  8. If the health check consultant recommends additional tests, the charges for the same will be extra

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