General Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine (or) General Medicine includes physicians whose primary role is to provide medical care in the hospital. This team of professionals includes physicians, nurses and physician assistants who work closely to ensure appropriate management of complex medical cases.

The medical speciality that comprises of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult health problems. We provide an array of care ranging from general healthcare to specialized and complex treatments with compassion.

The Department of Internal Medicine deals with intricate problems relevant to internal medicine in the Emergency, OPD and ICU every day. Our Internal Medicine Team take care of patients suffering from problems including pain, infectious diseases, fever, cold, cough, diabetes, immunological diseases, hypertension, connective tissue disorders with compassion. Our strong Laboratory and Radiology department augment the efficient operations of our department of Internal Medicine. The operations of the department are in adherence with standard protocols.

Considering the caseload, treatment standards and facilities, the National Board had recognized it for DNB Medicine teaching programme. The DNB programme is running successfully in the year 2009.


Meet Our Doctors


Dr S. Gopal MBBS., MD.,


Dr G. Rangaprasad MBBS., MD.,

doctor (1)

Dr D. Suresh Kumar MBBS., MD., FHIV., ACTMH.,


Dr N. Babu MBBS., MD (Gen Med), FHIVM., MBA (HSM)


Dr.R.Ganesan B.Sc., MBBS., MD (34 Year Experience)


* HOD Dept.of Internal Medicine Vijaya Hospital
* Academic Director – Critical Care Medicine, Vijaya Hospital
* Chief Medical Advisor for SRF Group of Companies.

Dr.R.Ganesan with over three decades of experience in internal medicine is also a teaching faculty for DNB postgraduates. He is a member of ISCCM & ESICM.

He has many publications in National and International Journals