Department of Psychology

Psychology is a scientific study of mental processes associated with the behaviour. As a human mind perceives and understands its stimuli, various factors contribute to converting them into behaviour. Psychology studies these factors and their impact to analyze how the person behaves in different circumstances.

The Department of Psychology at Vijaya Group Of Hospitals has designed its norms on the fundamental idea that “Understanding oneself is the first necessity to understand others”. As we dwell deep into the inbuilt complexities of the human mind, we ensure that you are helped with the diagnosis and systematic treatment plan for the ‘Mental Health’.

Services Offered

Children & Adolescent Problems

Benefits of Counselling


1. Your Thinking - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy    2. Your Past - Interpersonal Therapy    3. Your Strength - Family Therapy    4. Your Relationship - Psychodynamic Therapy    5. Your Family - Person Centred Therapy    6. What You Pay Attention To Solution Focused Therapy

Meet Our Psychologist

Mrs. Aishwarya L N

M.Sc, Psychology

Ms. Meera A N

M.Sc, Psychology

Psychology Posters