Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory Services

The Department of Laboratory Services at Vijaya Group of Hospitals provides cutting edge services. Our laboratory offers specialized investigations which will address the unique needs of our patients.

With advanced technology and a dedicated team of biochemists, pathologists and microbiologists, the Department of Laboratory Services functions 24X7 and forms an integral part of patient care.

Laboratory Quality Policy

  • The Laboratory services at the Vijaya Group of Hospitals (Location 1: VH and Location 2: VHC) are accredited with NABL and ISO 15189:2012 ̔̀Medical Laboratories-Requirements for quality and competence”.
  • The lab is committed to good laboratory practices, excellence in testing / examination and compliance to Quality Management System.
  • Our quality and standardization programs fulfill the healthcare needs and quality expectations of our patients and clinical consultants.
  • Constant up-gradation and introduction of new tests and methods to meet the demands of the clinicians have been our continuous goal.
  • We strive for continuous quality improvement in all processes and services that support patient care. These are monitored by various quality indicators that are reviewed regularly by the management and accreditation agencies.
  • We combine the efficiency of automation and Lean principles to simplify and streamline processes.

Sample Collection

The Outpatient Laboratory service is open on all days 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The OP Sample collection facility is also available at the Casualty Department beyond the working hours of the OP sample collection service.

Reports Availability

The results will be available according to the turnaround time mentioned in the directory of services, at the report dispatch counter.


Laboratory Services (VH & VHC)


Clinical Biochemistry

The clinical biochemistry division of the lab plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of diabetes, liver diseases, heart diseases, kidney disorders, hormone disorders and osteoporosis. It has the facilities to run fully-automated chemistry and immunoassay analyzers. The divisions are well-equipped with latest state of the art technology to perform a wide variety of super specialized investigations such as cardiac profile, renal profile, tumor markers, fertility markers, thyroid profile, therapeutic drug monitoring, arthritis profile and many more. Uncompromising stringent control protocols ensure that our results are reliable and precise.

Genetic Screening

Vijaya Genetic Screening Laboratory is a comprehensive one-stop facility for monitoring maternal and fetal health during pregnancy and testing congenital endocrine and metabolic conditions for Newborn babies.This is a Platform for early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, chromosomal abnormalities and heritable class of disorders with the best of technology and quality. Vijaya Group of Hospitals is the first Multispecialty Hospital to have DELFIA technology to screen prenatal abnormalities and Newborn congenital and metabolic disorders.


The hematology division of the lab provides morphologic consultations for peripheral blood and bone marrow disorders, as well as a variety of other diagnostic assays. The lab also has facilities and trained personnel for the diagnosis of disorders that affect erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets such as hemoglobinopathies, leukemia and morphological abnormalities of blood cells.


We provide high-quality haemostatic testing and interpretation of results. The coagulation section analyses samples for patients requiring clotting screens or anticoagulation monitoring. Investigations are being carried out for thrombotic disorders.

Clinical Pathology

The clinical pathology supports the diagnosis of disease using laboratory testing of blood and other body fluids, tissues and microscopic evaluation of individual cells.

Histopathology & Cytology

The Consultants in the division of pathology have expertise in surgical pathology, cytopathology and immunohistochemistry, as well as a wide range of subspecialty areas such as oncopathology, neuropathology and gynaec pathology to support the clinical practice. We take pride in the rapid turnaround time of our reporting and the State- of – the- art technology and equipment

Clinical Microbiology

The Department of Clinical Microbiology has Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Serology sections. Samples are processed by qualified and well experienced technical staffs. The bacteriology section is equipped with automated blood and sterile body fluid culture (BD BACTEC) system, automated Bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing using BD Pheonix ID/AST system facilitates a quick and reliable reporting. Blood borne viral serology markers are estimated in state of art fully automated analyzer.


Meet Our Doctors


Dr V. N. Viswanatha Rao MBBS., DCLSC., MSc., PhD.,

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Dr K. S. Sridharan MBBS., MD.,


Dr G. Muthukumari MBBS.,,MD

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Dr V. Suresh Kumar MSc (Biochemistry), PhD (Biochemistry)