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The International Help Desk provides information to patients and attenders about the services, facilities and expert Doctors available in Vijaya Group of Hospitals. The team provides full assistance for the patients to get Doctor appointments and support the patients to plan their visit to Vijaya Medical & Educational Trust.


Providing detailed medical opinion with our team of doctors

Comprehensive Treatment Packages

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off

Assistance with Visa Services

A dedicated Relationship Manager

Interpreter Services

Coordination for Out patient consultation and Admissions‚Äč

Suite Room

Cottage Facilities

You can get in touch with our international patient desk or coordinator to know more about services for international patients.

International Patients FAQs

It is quite easy to get a visa for your medical treatment in India. Medical tourism is highly prevalent and encouraged in India, with the government offering various schemes to extend Medical Visa to patients traveling to India for their treatment. Our international patient coordinator guides you on the process of applying for the visa, as well as its charges, which are reasonable.

Make sure to carry all your past medical records, including treatments and diagnostic tests. Additionally, an appropriate ID and banking documents along with your traveling documents are vital as well.

Vijaya Hospital is located in Chennai, India, which is a metropolitan city with a large international airport that houses major airlines flying to almost every city in the world. Our international patient coordinator guides you through the process of planning your trip, as well as travel within the city.