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Vijaya Human Milk Bank is the First private milk bank in Chennai. Our human milk bank collects and pasteurizes mothers’ milk using state-of-the-art equipment, which is then stored for later use. We provide this milk to preterm and sick infants in need.

Donating your breast milk is one of the most precious acts of kindness you can do for sick babies and preterm babies. Most mothers of newborn produce enough milk for their babies. Unfortunately when a baby is born early, mothers are not able to produce enough milk because they are under great stress or ill themselves.

How can one become a milk donor?
Donating is easy. If you are blessed with extra milk, you can help us by expressing your milk with a breast pump and this milk will be used for sick babies in Newborn ICU and your milk will save their lives.

Why breast milk for preterm babies than formula feed?
Breast milk improves growth, neuro development, protects the immature gut from necrotising enterocolitis (a life threatening disease) and infection. Breast milk is the primary diet for preterm babies.

Year No. of. Donors Quantity of Collected Milk No. of. Recepients
2014 26 23,920 ml 53
2015 21 40,195 ml 149
2016 22 55,155 ml 199